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Five poultry farms in the Netherlands have been affected with Avian Influenza, reports the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. Also Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are now taking precautions to prevent further spread of the virus. (source:

The chicken farmers fear a similar disaster as in 2003, when, due to Avian Influenza (H1N5) about a third of the total poultry had to be culled in the Netherlands. The direct damage was at that time at least 300 million euros.

NVWA and the Dutch Institute of Ecology (NIOO) pointed out that they don’t know yet how the virus was spread in the Netherlands. It is not known where the virus came from. However, the past few days some suggestions were that migratory birds brought the disease from Asia. Alsi in Germany and Britain some cases of Avian Influenza were found.

The H5N8 virus can not infect humans, but all poultry must be kept indoors – even for hobbyist poultry keepers.

Virocid, Avian Influenza, Vogelgriep

Virocid, Avian Influenza, Vogelgriep