Animal Houses

General use

Always clean thoroughly with a Cid Lines detergent like Biogel. After rinsing and drying apply Virocid® at 0,25 – 0,5 %. Different ways of application of Virocid® in empty houses Spraying or foaming (see 2nd picture) in empty rooms: 0,25 – 0,5% (1L dilution/4m2 or 1gal / 160 sq ft) Fogging (see 3th picture) in empty rooms: 1-2L Virocid® + 4L water / 1000m3 or 1-2gal Virocid® + 4gal water / 130,000ft3 Disinfecting in populated rooms:

  • on the surfaces
  • small pig rooms: nap sack spraying 0,25-0,5%, 1L dilution / 4 m2 or 1gal / 400 sq ft
  • large pig rooms: pressurized misting 0,25-0,5%
  • poultry rooms: pressurized misting 0,25-0,5%

on the animals (only in countries where allowed) use 0,1-0,25%


Eggs, floors, walls, incubators and other equipment

Eggs: Virocid®: max. 0,25% spray on eggs (only in countries where allowed) Empty rooms, empty hatchers, equipment, offal containers, sanitary rooms,…:

  • Spraying: Virocid®: 0,25-0,5%
  • Foaming: Virocid®: 0,25-0,5%
  • Fogging: 1-2L Virocid®+ 4L water / 1000m3 or 1-2gal Virocid® + 4gal water / 130,000ft3

Fogging in empty setters: 50ml Virocid® + 250ml water / 100m3 or 5 oz + 25 oz / 10,000 ft³ Misting in setters in production (with nozzle): (also possible in hatchers, when eggs are just loaded)) 0,01-0,25% Virocid®, every hour (in single stage, as from day 4)


Animal Transport

After wash out: Disinfect transport and other equipment: 0,5 – 1% Virocid® Wheel dips: 1%


Animal husbandry equipment

Disinfect your equipment: 0,25 – 0,5% Virocid® 

Boot dips

Virocid® and its applications

Agri: min 1% Virocid® Food: 0,5 – 1% Virocid® Refill 2-3 times/week or when heavily soiled.

Cooling pads

Virocid® is EPA approved for algae and slime forming bacteria control in cooling water systems

Also MUNTERS approved to treat cooling pads Prior to start up: 0,33-0,75% Virocid®, foaming or spraying, let it for 10min and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Initial treatment or shock treatment: 200ml Virocid® per 1000L water or 2,5 oz/100gal, let circulate one day Maintenance treatment: 100ml Virocidper 1000L water or 1,25 oz/100gal, let circulate continuously